We don’t raise children, we raise adults… what we do with our children, the experiences we provide them, the people they spend quality time with determine the adults that they will become.

Every child deserves to feel secure, loved and that they have a home away from home where they belong.

Every child needs the freedom to express themselves, the feeling of being accepted for being themselves and the guidance and encouragement to be the BEST them they can be.

Happy Campers Family Day Care believes that Educators need to be unburdened by admin tasks where possible so they have more time to nurture and teach the children in their care.

We lead by example, modelling positive behaviours.

We value the diversity in our culture.

Every experience, even the everyday routine experiences are opportunities for learning.

We believe in teaching children life skills and autonomy, giving them the ability to take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.

We value strong, open, co-operative relationships with families.

We believe the Educator’s family is so important in the quality of care we provide. This amazing blend of children, family and business is unique to family day care.

Mealtimes are important learning opportunities. Sitting together to share a meal encourages conversation. The food offered should be regular, plentiful, fresh and varied.

We respect our environment and the future of our planet. Embedding sustainable practices in our everyday routines service wide, teaches children to value the resources of the world we live in.

We encourage a relationship with nature. We endeavour to give every child the opportunity to get out doors every day.

Physical activity should be a part of every day.

A child that ends their day at Happy Campers FDC covered with dirt/sand/paint/food/glitter is not going home “dirty”

They are going home “Covered With Fun”