There are so many!  As an Educator you get to use all your knowledge your passion and your joy for looking after children and educating children in a way that is so close and meaningful. You can see their development and growth and know that your presence in their life was a big part of it. You have a workplace that is as comfortable as your home, because it is your home. You do not have to answer to a boss, you are the boss! You can make all the decisions about how your business is run, as long as they fall within regulation. It is a very relaxed workplace, you work at your own pace, in your own way.

You can be at home for your own children and their needs. Because you are home for them, you do not need to put your own children into childcare when you go out to work, you do not need to put your own children into after school care because you can’t finish work in time. Not only can you have a fantastic business but you can still be a fantastic mother.

There are massive financial benefits to be gained from running this business. The pay rates in the childcare sector are absolutely appalling. With family Day Care you can finally be rewarded financially for the amazing job that you do.There are amazing tax benefits to be gained with this business. The benefits to the Educators family.  Your family also benefits greatly by you being a family Day Care Educator.

You are home for them, you are there for them, you can meet their needs at the same time is your meeting the needs of the children in your care. This business is the best of everything that childcare has to offer all put together. It is an amazing blend of your talents, your skills, your passion for early childhood education, your family and your love. It is a winning combination for everybody.

What is a Family Day Care Educator?

Educator is the title of the person responsible for caring for and educating the children in a Family Day Care residence. They are the business owner and operator. They may be you!  What is the best thing about being a Family day care Educator?

“I was a family day care Educator for five years, and it was that time that gave me the passion that I now have for this industry.

It was the best job/business I’ve ever been in, and it gave me a greater job satisfaction than I’ve ever known.  I love it because of my family and my kids. It is a lot less stressful then the work I’ve done in childcare centres. It is a very relaxed work environment. I love it because I can have my grandchildren in care with me, and provide them with extra social experiences and friends to play with and get paid for it.  I love that I can provide a very personal type of care for the children that I have with me.

I don’t have 15 children to concentrate on, I get to know, love, educate just four little people at a time.  I love it because it blends my home and family life with my work. I can be an excellent carer and Educator for the children in my care and still be a fantastic at home mum to my children.  No driving and NO Traffic! I don’t go to work, my work comes to me.”

Rebecca Rushby