Family Day Care offer’s parents more flexibility than Centre based Long Day Care. Because Educators work from home, they are able to offer different working and care hours that suit families differing needs.

Because it is a homely, comfortable environment, parents don’t feel as guilty when they are required to work long hours and have their child in care. They feel that they are leaving their child with a trusted friend not in an institution. “If I can’t be at home with my child, I’m glad that you can be!”

They get comfort from knowing that the small group and the comfortable space won’t overstimulate their child over the course of the day, particularly if a parent has to work several days in a row. Overstimulated children can be quite a handful for parents.

The relationship that the parents have with you, means that they feel that they have someone, with great experience and knowledge, to ask those difficult parenting questions to. You can be a great comfort to parents.

Some Educators may take the children on excursions and regular outings outside the home, so the children get a greater variety of experiences to learn from, and parents know that their child is getting a much wider experience.

Like long Day Care parents still receive their childcare rebate and the childcare benefit from the government.

Parents can be very nervous about putting the children in care, particularly if it is the first time. A 1:4 ratio means the parent knows that the children are getting a lot more personal attention.

Parents are often comforted by the small group size. This can be for many individual reasons, one of which being the reduced number of germs that their child will come in contact with.

Parents know that the Educator knows their child very very well, and can therefore cater to their child needs much more individually.

I child that is unsettled in childcare can be very distressing for parents. With just one Educator to get to know, with just three other children in care, children can settle into care very quickly.

The benefit for children in care:

  • The children in care settle very quickly, they don’t have a large group of children to get to know, they don’t have many different Educators/carers to get to know. There is just one Educator, and that’s you. When the child has a birthday, they will not be moving up into a different room with different children and different carers. It is a very stable loving environment.
  • If an Educator is cooking for the children, the Educator is very unlikely to cook the same way that mum and dad do. The child will be exposed to a greater variety of experiences and their needs can be more closely catered for.
  • Educators can take children on regular outings, in a long day care centre children stay in the same space for the whole day. Children can experience story time at the library, a trip to the supermarket, Playgroup, playgrounds and of course we all love a trip to Bunnings. They have the opportunity to see, experience, learn from and be part of the greater community.
  • Because, as Educators you know these children so well, you can plan your program very specifically to the needs of each child. You can imagine how much development and growth can occur when a child has so much personal attention from a caring loving adult.